Rooming and Boarding Houses

3,424 companies in Rooming and Boarding Houses


Rooming and Boarding Houses (3,424)

Corporate Lodging (287)

   Corporate Housing Store

   Equity Corporate Housing

   Summit Corporate Housing

   Equity Corporate Housing


   Holiday Inn & Suites

   Wynne Guilde Inc

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Dormitories (229)

   Amme Investments LLC

   Educational Development Company Of America LLC

   Abby Lane Manor


   Pal Mission

   Purdue University

   Oak Park Manor

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Furnished Room Rental (330)

   Johnson Creek

   Bakketopp Hus

   Primerica Financial Service

   Newcomb Place

   Lakeside Village

   District View Office Center

   Gaudioso Contracting Inc

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Guest Houses (55)

   Truman Hotel


   Florida Firearms & Training

   Willow House Guests

   Blue Dolphin Management LLC


   Good Harbor House

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Hostels (81)

   Rocky Mountain Inn & Hostel

   Outer Banks International Hostel-Ay H

   Crested Butte Lodge & Hostel

   American Youth Hostels

   Fairbanks Hostel

   Chelsea International Hostel

   Compri Vista Reservations

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Lodging House, Except Organization (418)

   Knights Of Columbus- Palisades Counsel 387

   Griffin House

   Jacona Ranch

   Normandy House, Inc

   Keystone Lodge

   Wild West Klutina Lodge

   Turtle Hill Lodging/Conference

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Rooming and Boarding Houses (1,854)

   Oliver Eltoro

   Faulk N Fix

   Labelle Ebony Shores

   Hicks Rentals James T

   Hope For Children Of God Inc

   Mainsail Housing Of Jacksonville, LLC

   Schooner Rooming House

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Rooming and Boarding Houses (34)

   First Step House of Rockdale

   Women In Transition Reentry Project

   Asher Student Foundation

   Ecumenical Community Chautauqua

   Sungold Guest Home Inc

   Georgeff Inc

   Inditel Lodging Wautoma LLC

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Student Housing (116)

   University College

   Kidz Haven

   Callaway House

   Prairie Pointe Apts

   Palm Hill Investments LLC

   Dinkytown Rentals

   Club At Chandler Crossings

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Tourist Homes (20)

   Best Western-Oritani

   Schooner Creek Cabin

   First Fractional Funding

   Power Play Logistics

   Victoriana Apartments

   Sea-Ward on the Ocean

   1807 House

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