Weft Knit Fabric Mills

83 companies in Weft Knit Fabric Mills


Weft Knit Fabric Mills (83)

Dyeing and Finishing Circular Knit Fabrics (20)

   United Knitting

   Circular Motion

   Kymber Originals

   Supertex, Inc

   Versatile Knits Inc

   Eng Textiles

   Heartland Knits

   Color Fusion

   MO Caro Industries

   Evonik Energy Service

   Mcmurray Fabrics, Inc

   Unifour Finishers Inc

   Unifour Finishers, Inc

   Gehring Tricot Corporation

   Dye Systems Inc

   Rebtex, Inc

   Dana Knitting Corporation

   Alamac American Knits LLC

   Roman Knit, Inc

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Jersey Cloth (8)

   Classicjerseys Co

   Hook And Ladder Play

   Lincoln Textile Sales, Inc


   Cap USA

   Diversified International Inc

   My Colors Jersey

   Mocaro Industries Inc

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Pile Fabrics, Circular Knit (15)

   King's Mountain Knit

   Wagner Knitting Inc

   Russ Knits Inc

   Siny Corp

   Kenda Knits Inc

   Mtj Mfg CO Inc

   Adele Knits, Inc

   Colora Knits Inc

   Tect Inc

   Hill Knitting Mills Inc

   Heritage Knitting Co L L C

   Game Time Performance Fabric

   Toms Knit Fabrics

   Lan-Tex Inc

   Innofa USA

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Weft Knit Fabric Mills (40)


   River Associates LLC

   Pearson Textiles Inc

   Smile Knit

   Lotus Fabrics Inc

   Ramseur Inter-Lock Knitting Company

   Gepc Corp

   Early Bird Knitting Mills

   Jj Textile


   Villard Co Inc

   Safer Textile

   Knitting Habitat

   Prairie Hand Knits

   Antex Knitting Mills

   Limited Editions Knitwear Inc

   Kmzm Knitting CO

   Alba Health

   Delta Apparel Inc

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